At Genius People our assessors travel the length of the country, day in day out, in order to meet with all their candidates and ensure they achieve their qualification. We work with many different companies ranging from a small to a global scale and offer funded and commercial bespoke training solutions as well as providing innovative training to solve the organisation’s skilling, recruitment, retention and progression needs.

The companies we work with offer a vast range of products and services so getting a training programme to fit the need of each company is essential in every candidate’s success. However, tailoring our courses to meet the need of any of our partners is what Genius People specialise in and our assessors are the ones who deliver and identify bespoke elements that are beneficial to the candidate to ensure they reach their full potential in their job role and achieve their qualification.

So, how do we achieve this?

An assessor’s day varies each day and no two are the same. Sometimes they are out all day, going from candidate to candidate, and others their day is split between the office and seeing candidates. Their candidates should be prepared for their visit which makes the day’s work much easier. Once they’re there it consists of sitting down and looking at the candidate’s progress portfolio, after which they begin to work on their new milestone which the assessor will have prepared for and know how they are going to get them to achieve this.

Milestones can be achieved in a few ways, either by a written statement describing how they meet all the standards required to complete the milestone or a recorded discussion (professional discussion) talking through the same information that would be written in the statement. Photo evidence may also have to be uploaded to co-inside with the information being presented by the candidate for them to successfully complete the milestone. Each qualification is different in the number of milestones that the candidate must achieve before the process of receiving their certificate, recognising their qualification, begins.

Once the candidate has completed their milestones it is now up to the assessor to check and approve the information that the candidate has uploaded onto their portfolio in order to make sure they have made all the right points to pass each milestone.  As well as the assessor, all information must be approved by an EV (external verifier), who makes sure that everything is up to the standard of passing.

 After this has been done the task is then passed onto our admin team who upload the information onto the various sites required to process the qualification and award the candidate with the appropriate achievements. Once the candidate’s qualifications have been processed and approved it can take a few weeks until the certificates are delivered to us, after which one of the assessors will often deliver to each individual company for all the successful candidates to receive the proof of their qualification.


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