A Day in the Life of Our Assessors

At Genius People our assessors travel the length of the country, day in day out, in order to meet with all their candidates and ensure they achieve their qualification. We work with many different companies ranging from a small to a global scale and offer funded and commercial bespoke training solutions as well as providing … Continued

Apprenticeships- A New Era

Remember switchboard operators, typists, encyclopaedia sellers and video store staff- all roles that once employed vast numbers of people and now no longer exist. Vloggers, bloggers and digital marketing staff- all jobs that didn’t exist not so long ago but now play a crucial role in our society. We live in rapidly changing times; we … Continued

What is a Foundation Apprenticeship?

What is a Foundation Apprenticeship? Foundation Apprenticeships are a work-based learning opportunity for senior-phase secondary school pupils. Genius People deliver the FA programme in one academical year. During the course of the year young people spend time learning the theory side of their chosen subject along with gaining industry knowledge, experience and an industry recognised … Continued

Does Your Training Stop at the Border ?

Since the changes in the training/apprenticeships it now seems that a lot of national organisations only offer training within England.  Whilst there are challenges of cross border provision it appears to be short- changing a large proportion of the workforce. In England, the scope of apprenticeships and training is broad in the level of qualifications … Continued

Cheap or Good Value

Work based training over the 15 years I have been involved in the arena of Government funded training has undergone many changes. In the first couple of years the common program was funded under the Train to Gain Banner as part of the drive to enable staff to gain a level 2 NVQ in line … Continued

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