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Funding Options

Since April 2017 the way in which apprenticeships are funded has changed and is based on how many employees and the size of your pay role.

However whatever the size of your organisation we will advise you on how you will get the maximum benefit for your organisation.

Organisations with a
salary bill of
less than £3m
Salary bill of
more than £3m
of total training costs (monthly installments)
of your annual salary bill into the Apprenticeship levy
Funding available to train up existing staff or recruit apprentices (even those at degree level) Train existing staff or recruit apprentices using funds that will be located in your digital account. (These funds expire after 24 months)
16-18 year olds 100% Government funded

cash incentive for recruiting an apprentice aged 16–18

For small organisations

Get out more than you put in
For every £1 that enters your digital account, you get £1.10 to spend


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