Since the changes in the training/apprenticeships it now seems that a lot of national organisations only offer training within England.  Whilst there are challenges of cross border provision it appears to be short- changing a large proportion of the workforce.

In England, the scope of apprenticeships and training is broad in the level of qualifications provided and who is eligible and funded.  There is now a larger focus being put upon lifelong learning and upskilling as well as entry level, aimed at all ages and abilities.

The funding is based on the qualification being completed and not the age of the learner, which to me seems logical, there are rewards and challenges on learners of any age.

The qualifications are now in the main standards, which allows flexibility of delivery to suit the individual and/or the organisation and training is the focus rather than assessment under frameworks and apprentices are independently tested by an End Point Assessment.

In Scotland the focus is much more on young, new apprentices and the funding reflects this. Firstly, funding is cut for over 19-year olds and a further cut is put in place for those over 24-years old, making it challenging to deliver without employee contribution. For levy payers this is fairly unpalatable having already paid in once.

The Modern Apprenticeships which are the qualifications currently used in Scotland are quite a bit different and are centred more around assessment. However, this doesn’t mean and shouldn’t mean that organisations cannot get a national solution.

We are very fortunate in holding funding contracts in England and Scotland and as much are highly experienced in working with organisations to tailor make programs for employers and employees that reflect the commonality, whilst ensuring they are high quality and compliant.

We work with organisations to have reflective programs for their whole workforce in England and Scotland, ensuring skills and growth are open to all their employees.

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