In this very fast paced changing world, investing in yourself and your staff is essential to keep moving forward and relevant.

This is the time of the year organisations traditionally to look at strengthening their workforce with school leavers into apprenticeship roles. These young people bring energy ,a new perspective and often different needed skills into the workforce. Straight from school they are used to learning and often surprise their employers with the pace they learn and how they enrich the organisation and those around them.

To ensure this works, it is about working with a provider such as Genius who spend time understanding your needs and culture to find you the best candidate for you and support them with excellent training that fits around your workplace.

However apprentices aren’t just about young people and entry level positions, apprenticeships now range from entry to MBA’s and are a great way of updating and investing in new skills using apprenticeship training which is open to all levels of staff.

One of the most popular apprenticeships being taken up these days are Team Leader and Operational Manger. People often enter the workplace and work their way up by time and skills into a management role and lack the skills and confidence to understand the best way to lead a team and ensure they get the best from staff and encourage them thrive. An effective manager sees a high preforming team who stay within the organisation and progress helping keep recruitment costs and training investment down.

They are however a huge range of apprenticeships suitable for all skills and occupations.

So in answer to how much am I worth, I would say invest in yourself your staff , lifelong learning and you might find yourself worth a lot more.

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