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The new Apprenticeship Standards? 

These Standards have been developed by a number of groups of employers and the early pilots were called ‘Trailblazers’.  All of the existing Frameworks have now been replaced by new Standards by 2020, ensuring better delivery across the UK.

What is different about the new Standards?

They are being developed by employers, rather than the government, meaning that the training that will be delivered will be higher quality and that more relevant skills will be taught throughout industries. The standards are being designed to ensure successful development of all areas within Apprenticeships. Gearing Apprentices towards achieving the specific skills for the company that they work for means that once they have completed their course, they will be a fully competent and productive employee.

They are also independently assessed by an accredited End Point Assessor -EPA, ensuring apprentices can do the job they have been trained for, having the skills, knowledge and behaviours outlined in the standard, and  grade each learner according to their performance.

Benefits of the new Standards

  • Gives employers control in designing Apprenticeships<
  • Increase the flexibility of delivery
  • Simplifies the funding system
  • Increase the effectiveness of training

Apprenticeship types

Operations Department Manager
Team Leader
Project Management
Financial Services
Customer Services
Business Administration
L3 Business Administration
L3 Business Administration
Providing Financial Services
Credit Controller

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